• Paranoia - Delirium - 5.6% ABV. B++, lime on the nose. Fruity, sharp, hoppy and bubblegum. Very drinkable 🇧🇪 #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. Who knew that Mike snuck some quality Belgian cask in @thepelicanglos #mb10

  • Your Own Ghost - Pentrich Brewing - 4.8% ABV. B++, fruity, hoppy, slightly bitter a little complex, well with a try #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. Cask, fresh on and craft works rather well on cask. At The @thepelicanglos #mb10

  • Bobber - Beak - 6.5% ABV. B++, hazy plus, fruity, hoppy, tropical with a hint of spice. Very well balanced. Keg #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. You cannot beat the @thepelicanglos and I’m here for the afternoon. WiFi automatically connect. Still dry #mb10

  • Money For Old Rope - Bespoke Brewing - 4.8% ABV. B+ and a bit, Big malty, roasty and coffee. Roasty bitter finish #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Solid brew. Just got the Mayorship of The Turks Head. Filled Rolls, in this case Cheese and Onion. More please #mb10

  • Cowcatcher - East London Brewing - 4.8% ABV. B+ and a bit. Cask fresh on, light, hoppy, fruity and gently bitter. Refreshing #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Always best to rate Ales when they first come on. At The Regal (Wetherspoons) - Gloucester. #mb10

  • Take Nothing For Granted - Siren / BBNo - 6.2% ABV. B++, fruity, hoppy, hint of lime and a fruity bitter finish #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. It’s a Collab from my two favourite breweries. Very drinkable and my last for the day @thepelicanglos #mb10

  • Zealous - Mad Squirrel - 4.4% ABV. B++, a very Germanic Pilsner but from Hertfordshire. Big and malty but maybe a hint of lime #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. This is why I come to the @thepelicanglos the Welcome, the Cask and the can selection. Fast WiFi also helps #mb10

  • Endless Skies - Wander Beyond - 4.7% ABV. B++, cask craft. Fruity, a little spicy and hoppy bitterness. Very sessionable #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. Really glad to be back at the @thepelicanglos where Fine Ales come first. That and V Fast WiFi #mb10

  • Maiden Voyage - Great Western Brewing - 4.0% ABV. Dark, gently rich and really rather fruity. Gentle fruity bitter finish #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. First time back in The Turks Head since they moved. Awesome place and fantastic welcome. Cash only #mb10

  • Ghost Ship - Adnams - 4.5% ABV. B+ and a bit and a bit, fruity, a little sweet and citrusy. Drinking very well. Solid and sessionable #ale #beer #bier

    3.4/5. The full strength version of their 0.5% alcohol free version (almost). Great cask ale and it’s drinking very well.

  • Port Stout - Hanlons - 4.8% ABV. B+ and a bit. Very solid and in very good condition. Upped its score as well #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. In The Regal - Gloucester where the planes have gone. There is only King Kong left. Times must be hard #mb10

  • Bavo Wit - Delirium - 5.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, wheats aroma, big wheaty, Belgium 🇧🇪 Bubblegum taste. Totally works #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Totally filling up at #OktoberfestGloucester2022 @gbrewery I think it’s time for some 🇩🇪 food #mb10

  • Sour Suzy - Lervig - 4.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, gently sour and refreshing. Fruity with an emphasis on Limes, sessionable #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Much work going on underneath the bar but still no new Festbiers. However Norway 🇳🇴 and sourness #OktoberfestGloucester2022

  • Pils - Dortmunder Union - 4.0% ABV. B++ and a bit, as Pils go this is more of a Märzen and I like it a lot. Joyful Effervescent #ale #beer #bier

    3.6/5. Day 02 of #OktoberfestGloucester2022 with the great people from @GBrewery Not a Fest bier but is Awesome

  • Oktoberfest 2022 - Brewhouse & Kitchen Gloucester - 5.5% ABV. B+ and a bit, malty and biscuity, a touch fruity and gently bitter #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Not sure if it’s brewed on site but it’s a nice ramp up to #OktoberfestGloucester2022 Day 02 #mb10

  • Powerhouse Porter - Sambrook’s - 4.9% ABV. B+ and a bit, very well balanced malty, roasty, coffee and bitterness #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Fresh on at The Lord High Constable of England pre day 02 of #OktoberfestGloucester2022 #mb10

  • Fest-Märzen - Ayinger - 5.8% ABV. B++, very solid, well balanced märzen. Enjoying it much #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. Oh WoW beginning to get a bit sleepy although it’s the way it should be #OktoberfestGloucester2022 @gbrewery #mb10

  • Oktoberfestbier - Spaten - 5.9% ABV. B++ and a bit, malty, bread and biscuity but amplified with a sweet bitter finish. Works #ale #beer #bier

    3.6/5. And the Internet is back, thinking time for some food #OktoberfestGloucester2022 @gbrewery in the rain.

  • Oktoberfestbier - Löwenbräu - 6.1% ABV. B++ and a bit, more malty, more biscuit and bread. Top München #ale #beer #bier

    3.6/5. Malty Märzen and great staff at @gbrewery #OktoberfestGloucester2022 and the English rain is falling heavily outside.

  • Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier - Hofbräuhaus München - 6.3% ABV. B++ and we are off. Bread, malt, gentle sweetness. Gentle dry bitter finish #ale #beer #bier

    3.5/5. The is going to be good, not only #OktoberfestGloucester2022 but @gbrewery are brewing today. Lovely aroma of malt!

  • Tamar Best Bitter - Summerskills - 4.3% ABV. B+ and a bit, complex, malty, roasted notes, bitter sweet and a fruity bitter finish #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. In The Lord High Constable of England nicely positioned for #OktoberfestGloucester2022 #mb10 Have my Fest Hat for the rain.

  • Iceberg - Titanic - 4.1% ABV. B+ and a bit, actually a wheat beer. Dry, hoppy with a touch of spice. Fruity bitter finish #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. Fresh on today, so it’s settling on the bar. Very Pale and worth keeping an eye out for. In training for #mb10

  • Spitfire - Shepherd Neame - 4.2% ABV. B+, 4.5% on @untappd but now 4.2% according to the pubclip. Solid Kentish Ale #ale #beer #bier

    3/5. So lower ABV, the lower the tax? Eventually ales start to taste thin and uninteresting. A sign of the times? The Tumble Inn - Pontypridd.

  • Sampson’s Jack - Gower Brewery - 4.2% ABV. B+ and a touch. Traditional and solid, nice malty Pint for a Friday Lunchtime #ale #beer #bier

    3.1/5. And since it’s #StandUpForCask @caskaleweek all the better plus £1.29 a Pint #Pontypridd

  • Strongarm - Cameron’s - 4.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, well balanced, very solid English Red Ale. Nicely sessionable #ale #beer #bier

    3.3/5. A great ale for a lunch time pint. Full of flavour and at 4.0% very sessionable. A bit overcast in #Ponty today with rain forecast.

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